Introducing rotibox
Introducing rotibox
The future of Roti
The future of Roti
no mess, more ease
no mess, more ease

Welcome to rotibox!

rotibox is the new modern solution for making traditional homemade rotis in a clean, hygienic manner with zero mess to clean! Once you’ve used rotibox, we guarantee you will never want to be without it. With rotibox, you will spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love.
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No Mess

All flour remains inside rotibox so no more surfaces to clean


Made with biomaster antimicrobial additives to eliminate bacteria

Stores All Utensils

Neatly stores all your flour and utensils

Portable & Light

When finished close the box and store away or leave on worktop

Using the rotibox

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We’re delighted to announce that £1 of every rotibox sale goes towards various charities across South Asia dedicated to feeding the hungry – READ MORE.


What's a chai??

"What's a Chai?"

“What’s a chai??” said my 8 year old son. That was is it. That was the moment... READ MORE

The Journey

Dream, Hope, Faith, Believe.

In 1976 a 18 year old girl, (and I say girl intentionally instead of the word woman), a 18 year old girl who had said goodbye to her family and all she had ever known, stepped off a plane and was greeted... READ MORE

The Journey

The Journey

The story behind rotibox is extensive. The idea for this product came upon us many years ago, and we’ve worked hard to create something truly unique. In fact, let’s take you for a walk down memory lane. READ MORE